Gender Studies

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Homosexuality and the Christian: A Guide for Parents, Pastors, and Friends

Homosexuality and the...

September 01, 2010


The Redemption of Love: Rescuing Marriage and Sexuality from the Economics of a Fallen World

The Redemption of Love

April 01, 2006


Divine Sex: A Compelling Vision for Christian Relationships in a Hypersexualized Age

Divine Sex

July 21, 2015


God Loves Sex: An Honest Conversation about Sexual Desire and Holiness

God Loves Sex

November 04, 2014


Generous Spaciousness: Responding to Gay Christians in the Church

Generous Spaciousness

May 20, 2014


Paul and Gender: Reclaiming the Apostle's Vision for Men and Women in Christ

Paul and Gender

November 15, 2016


Neither Complementarian nor Egalitarian: A Kingdom Corrective to the Evangelical Gender Debate

Neither Complementarian nor...

March 15, 2016


Beyond Sex Roles: What the Bible Says about a Woman's Place in Church and Family

Beyond Sex Roles

October 01, 2006


The Meaning of Sex: Christian Ethics and the Moral Life

The Meaning of Sex

June 01, 2009


Sex and the iWorld: Rethinking Relationship beyond an Age of Individualism

Sex and the iWorld

July 01, 2009


Liberating Tradition: Women's Identity and Vocation in Christian Perspective

Liberating Tradition

April 01, 2008


Good News about Sex & Marriage: Answers to Your Honest Questions about Catholic Teaching

Good News about Sex & Marriage

July 01, 2004


People to Be Loved: Why Homosexuality Is Not Just an Issue

People to Be Loved

December 08, 2015


God and the Transgender Debate

God and the Transgender Debate

August 15, 2017


False Intimacy: Understanding the Struggle of Sexual Addition

False Intimacy

July 15, 1997


Torn: Rescuing the Gospel from the Gays-vs -Christians Debate


May 14, 2013


Women, Sex, and the Church: A Case for Catholic Teaching

Women, Sex, and the Church

August 19, 2010


Grace Is Greater: Participant Journal: God's Plan to Overcome Your Past, Redeem Your Pain, and Rewrite Your Story

Grace Is Greater:...

August 01, 2017


Dating Detox: 40 Days of Perfecting Love in an Imperfect World

Dating Detox

February 01, 2017




September 16, 2016


Messy Grace: How a Pastor with Gay Parents Learned to Love Others Without Sacrificing Conviction

Messy Grace

October 20, 2015


A Big Heart Open to God: A Conversation with Pope Francis

A Big Heart Open to God

December 10, 2013


Two Views on Homosexuality, the Bible, and the Church

Two Views on Homosexuality,...

November 29, 2016


Out of a Far Country: A Gay Son's Journey to God, a Broken Mother's Search for Hope

Out of a Far Country

May 03, 2011


Space at the Table: Conversations Between an Evangelical Theologian and His Gay Son

Space at the Table

February 23, 2016


Sexual Morality in a Christless World

Sexual Morality in a...

June 15, 2016


Is the Bible Good for Women?: Seeking Clarity and Confidence Through a Jesus-Centered Understanding of Scripture

Is the Bible Good for Women?

March 21, 2017


Two Views on Women in Ministry

Two Views on Women in Ministry

September 13, 2005


Understanding Gender Dysphoria: Navigating Transgender Issues in a Changing Culture

Understanding Gender Dysphoria

May 22, 2015


Are Women Human?

Are Women Human?

November 01, 2005