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Christianity and the Postmodern Turn: Six Views

Christianity and the...

July 01, 2005


Keep in Step with the Spirit: Finding Fullness in Our Walk with God

Keep in Step with the Spirit

May 01, 2005


Exploring Christian Theology: Revelation, Scripture, and the Triune God

Exploring Christian Theology

November 18, 2014


Exploring Christian Theology: Creation, Fall, and Salvation

Exploring Christian Theology

June 02, 2015


100 Tough Questions about God and the Bible

100 Tough Questions about...

April 15, 2014


Reformed Dogmatics: God and Creation

Reformed Dogmatics

November 01, 2004


Reformed Dogmatics: Holy Spirit, Church, and New Creation

Reformed Dogmatics

June 01, 2008


A Reader's Guide to Calvin's Institutes

A Reader's Guide to...

June 01, 2009


Engaging the Doctrine of Revelation: The Mediation of the Gospel through Church and Scripture

Engaging the Doctrine of...

November 18, 2014


A High View of Scripture?: The Authority of the Bible and the Formation of the New Testament Canon

A High View of Scripture?

June 01, 2007


Transforming Spirituality: Integrating Theology and Psychology

Transforming Spirituality

June 01, 2006


Orthodox and Modern: Studies in the Theology of Karl Barth

Orthodox and Modern

October 01, 2008


God's Good World: Reclaiming the Doctrine of Creation

God's Good World

April 15, 2013


Providence: A Biblical, Historical, and Theological Account


April 21, 2020


Retrieving Eternal Generation

Retrieving Eternal Generation

November 21, 2017


None Greater: The Undomesticated Attributes of God

None Greater

March 05, 2019


Everyone's a Theologian: An Introduction to Systematic Theology

Everyone's a Theologian

June 06, 2019


The Spirit of Hope: Theology for a World in Peril

The Spirit of Hope

November 08, 2019


Thelogia Biblica y Sistematica

Thelogia Biblica y Sistematica

April 19, 1992


Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Biblical Doctrine

Systematic Theology

January 03, 1995


Aquinas's Shorter Summa St. Thomas Aquinass Own Concise Version of His Summa Theologica

Aquinas's Shorter Summa St....

December 01, 2005


The Institutes of the Christian Religion: Calvin's Own 'Essentials' Edition

The Institutes of the...

September 18, 2014


Everyone's a Theologian: An Introduction to Systematic Theology

Everyone's a Theologian

March 11, 2014


Conciliar Octet: A Concise Commentary on the Eight Key Texts of the Second Vatican Council

Conciliar Octet

November 22, 2019


Institutes of the Christian Religion

Institutes of the Christian...

January 01, 2008


Basic Theology: A Popular Systematic Guide to Understanding Biblical Truth

Basic Theology

January 11, 1999


Inexpressible: Hesed and the Mystery of God's Lovingkindness


December 18, 2018


The Institutes of Christian Religion

The Institutes of Christian...

March 01, 1987


Asian Christian Theology: Evangelical Perspectives

Asian Christian Theology

July 31, 2019


Dogma of Hell: Illustrated by Facts Taken from Profane and Sacred History

Dogma of Hell

March 01, 2010