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Taking My Life Back: My Story of Faith, Determination, and Surviving the Boston Marathon Bombing

Taking My Life Back

April 03, 2018


The Cat in the Window: And Other Stories of the Cats We Love

The Cat in the Window

October 15, 2013


The Cat on My Lap: Stories of the Cats We Love

The Cat on My Lap

October 21, 2014


Never Give Up--You're Stronger Than You Think

Never Give Up--You're...

April 18, 2017


Blessings for the Morning: Prayerful Encouragement to Begin Your Day

Blessings for the Morning

October 07, 2014


The Horse of My Heart: Stories of the Horses We Love

The Horse of My Heart

October 06, 2015


Kit Kat and Lucy: The Country Cats Who Changed a City Girl's World

Kit Kat and Lucy

September 06, 2016


Life-Changing Miracles: Real-Life Stories of Unforgettable Encounters With God

Life-Changing Miracles

September 19, 2017


The Dog at My Feet: Stories of the Dogs We Love

The Dog at My Feet

October 21, 2014


Blessings for the Morning and Evening: Life-Giving Words of Encouragement to Begin and End Your Day

Blessings for the Morning...

October 17, 2017


Second-Chance Dogs: True Stories of the Dogs We Rescue and the Dogs Who Rescue Us

Second-Chance Dogs

September 18, 2018


The Power of Positive Self-Talk

The Power of Positive...

September 18, 2018


Hinds' Feet on High Places: An Engaging Visual Journey

Hinds' Feet on High Places

November 07, 2017


Box of Butterflies: Discovering the Unexpected Blessings All Around Us

Box of Butterflies

March 06, 2018


Blessed in the Darkness: How All Things Are Working for Your Good

Blessed in the Darkness

October 24, 2017


I Will See You in Heaven

I Will See You in Heaven

May 01, 2010


Hope for the Flowers

Hope for the Flowers

January 01, 1972


The Deep Place Where Nobody Goes: Conversations with God on the Steps of My Soul

The Deep Place Where Nobody...

August 01, 2005


God Needed a Puppy

God Needed a Puppy

August 07, 2018


There Is More: When the World Says You Can't, God Says You Can

There Is More

March 20, 2018


Faces of Praise!: Photos and Gospel Inspirations to Encourage and Uplift

Faces of Praise!

October 17, 2017


Believe Bigger: Discover the Path to Your Life Purpose

Believe Bigger

March 13, 2018


I Am Number 8: Overlooked and Undervalued, But Not Forgotten by God

I Am Number 8

April 18, 2017


Disrupting for Good: Using Passion and Persistence to Create Lasting Change

Disrupting for Good

March 13, 2018


31 Decrees of Blessing for Your Life

31 Decrees of Blessing for...

June 01, 2016


Gracelaced: Discovering Timeless Truths Through Seasons of the Heart


September 01, 2017


Be the Gift: Let Your Broken Be Turned Into Abundance

Be the Gift

October 31, 2017


Earth Psalms: Reflections on How God Speaks Through Nature

Earth Psalms

October 04, 2016


The Canticle of the Creatures for Saint Francis of Assisi

The Canticle of the...

August 22, 2017


Wholeness: Winning in Life from the Inside Out


February 06, 2018