100 Tough Questions about God and the Bible

by Stephen M. Miller (Author)STEPHEN MILLER (Author)
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Straightforward answers to questions Christians and skeptics alike ask about God and the Bible

Let's be honest--the Bible can be hard to understand. It's full of weird laws, apparent inconsistencies, and tales of a God who often doesn't do what we expect. You may have asked about some of these things and been brushed off or given trite, unconvincing answers.

But serious questions deserve thoughtful responses, especially when opinions of Bible experts clash. Stephen M. Miller pulls insight from a wide range of Bible experts to report their answers to the tough questions. He does so with a touch of humor and no preaching, allowing you to draw your own conclusions.

Questions include:
- Would a loving God really put a good man like Job through horrible suffering just to test his loyalty?
- If God knows everything, why did he test Abraham's faith by asking him to sacrifice his own son?
- How could there be just one God, yet three?
- Since Jesus told people to turn the other cheek, why aren't more Christians pacifists?


Stephen M. Miller, Author

Stephen M. Miller (www.stephenmillerbooks.com.) is an award-winning, bestselling Christian author who specializes in easy-reading Bible reference books--especially for Bible newcomers. His books have sold over a million copies and include The Complete Guide to the Bible and Who's Who and Where's Where in the Bible. Miller has a news journalism degree from Kent State University and a master's degree in biblical studies from Nazarene Theological Seminary. He lives in suburban Kansas City, Kansas.

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