A Christmas Gift for Santa

A Bedtime Book



A Christmas Gift for Santa, A Bedtime Book presents a new side to Santa Claus. After delivering all the Christmas presents to boys and girls around the world, Santa wonders if there might be a gift at home waiting for him. But Mrs. Claus hasn't forgotten Santa. Next to a beautiful handwritten note, a homemade gift waits for him. This sweet Christmas book, written by J. Theron Elkins and illustrated by Ag Jatkowska, will become a holiday favorite as children cuddle up with their parents to read this wonderful story of love and gratitude before they close their eyes to go to sleep.

After saying his thanks,
Santa said a short prayer.
Then he slid into bed
And he reached for his bear.

As his eyes slowly closed,
Once he turned off the light,
Santa whispered at last...
"Merry Christmas, sleep tight."

This adorable holiday title sparkles and shines with glitter on the cover.


John T. Elkins, Author

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