A High View of Scripture?

The Authority of the Bible and the Formation of the New Testament Canon

by Craig D. Allert (Author)D. H. Williams (Editor)
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The Evangelical Ressourcement series is grounded in the belief that there is a wealth of theological, exegetical, and spiritual resources from the patristic era that is relevant for the Christian church today and into the future. Amid the current resurgence in interest in the early church, this series aims to help church thinkers and leaders reappropriate these ancient understandings of Christian belief and practice and apply them to ministry in the twenty-first century. A High View of Scripture? is the third volume in the series. The series editor is D. H. Williams.

"Allert's passionate insistence on historical integrity and his disarming honesty and candor will render it necessary for us to engage in serious soul searching about our approach to Scripture. This book's convincing argument is also an opportunity for evangelicals to reassert the centrality of both church and tradition and to take both much more seriously than has often been the case. The vigor and erudition with which Allert locates the New Testament in the ecclesial context of the tradition puts evangelicalism firmly in his debt."
--Hans Boersma, Regent College; author of Violence, Hospitality, and the Cross

"An informed and coherent account of the issues involved in the formation of the canon. A High View of Scripture? is a timely and nuanced critique of the anachronistic approach to canon studies adopted by too many evangelical scholars. It will surely be a valuable aid in helping evangelicals understand and value ever more deeply the wonder and authority of the Holy Spirit, the Scripture, and the church itself."
--Christopher A. Hall, associate editor, Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture

"Allert asks how it is possible to have a 'high view' of Scripture if it is detached from the realities of the origin and formation of the Bible. This volume has the potential of opening up a useful dialogue among evangelicals on the origin and nature of Scripture and its relation to contemporary theological issues. I commend this book to pastors, students, and biblical scholars who want a challenging discussion of these important issues."
--Lee Martin McDonald, Acadia Divinity College


Craig D. Allert, Author

Craig D. Allert (PhD, University of Nottingham) is associate professor and chair of religious studies at Trinity Western University in Langley, British Columbia. He has published journal articles in the area of New Testament canon studies and bibliology and is the author of Revelation, Truth, Canon, and Interpretation.

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D. H. Williams, Editor

, Editor