A Theory of Everything (That Matters)

A Brief Guide to Einstein, Relativity, and His Surprising Thoughts on God

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Albert Einstein remains the world's favorite genius.
He has appeared on the cover of Time magazine no fewer than six times and was lionized as its Person of the Century in 1999. Einstein's equation E = mc2--along with his trademark hairstyle--has found its way onto T-shirts and billboards. Yet while Einstein is universally recognized as a genius, his ideas can still mystify us, even a century later.

This concise book sets out to explain in accessible terms Einstein's revolutionary scientific ideas, which still shape our world today. Nobody thinks a scientific genius is infallible. Still, Einstein's genius status means he is profoundly worth listening to, especially when thinking about how we make sense of our universe and God. This book takes seriously Einstein's fascination with a "big picture" of our world--if you like, a theory of everything that matters.

Einstein is a dialogue partner whose reflections may help us move beyond the fragmentation of ideas and values that has become such a core feature of our own day.

Let's begin that conversation.

Alister McGrath, one of the world's leading Christian theologians, is Andreas Idreos professor of science and religion at Oxford University. Previously he was professor of historical theology at Oxford University and is currently senior research fellow at Harris Manchester at Oxford.


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