Along the Road

How Jesus Used Geography to Tell God's Story



If you found yourself walking through ancient Israel with Jesus by your side, what might prompt a conversation? An oasis in the distance. A pasture where sheep quietly graze. A valley where armies once clashed.

Holy Land expert John Beck understands how culture and geography play a big part in interpreting the Scriptures. In Along the Road, Beck uses vibrant details of ancient society and the characteristics of the countryside to relate biblical lessons that we might otherwise miss. This book illustrates the fascinating connections between people, places, and events of the Old Testament and the locales and experiences of the life of Jesus.

Join John Beck on this journey, and discover how these easily overlooked geographic and cultural details of biblical history can enhance your understanding of God's Word.


John A. Beck, Author

Beck, John A.: - Dr. John A. Beck is a scholar, educator, and writer with extensive experience in biblical geography. He has a PhD in theology (Hebrew and Old Testament) from Trinity International University and is an adjunct faculty member at Jerusalem University College in Israel. His passion is to make the wisdom of the Bible understandable to Christians, and he has been writing on the topic of biblical geography for more than twenty years, both within and outside of the Middle East. Learn more about him at

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John Beck, Author

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