Bible Trivia, Jokes, and Fun Facts for Kids

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What did Noah use to light up the ark at night?

Knock, knock
Who's there?
Eve who?
It's me, Adam! There's only one other person on the earth! Who do you think it is?!

What could be more fun than seeing kids laugh and learn at the same time? With hundreds of Bible-based jokes, trivia, and word games, this book is guaranteed to entertain boys and girls for hours. Every page of this book will tease their brains and tickle their funny bones with chapters like "Bible Banter," "Matches Made in Heaven," and "Are You Smarter Than King Solomon?"

Moms and dads might even find themselves laughing and learning too!


Troy Schmidt, Author

Troy Schmidt ( began writing animation in Los Angeles in 1985 and worked on such shows as Dennis the Menace, Heathcliff, and Flintstone Kids. In 1992, he moved to Orlando to write for The Mickey Mouse Club. Troy created and wrote a total of thirteen videos for Thomas Nelson, including an adaptation of Max Lucado's Hermie, A Common Caterpillar. He also wrote over twenty books for Thomas Nelson.

Troy recently released This Means War: A Strategic Prayer Journal, coauthored by Stephen and Alex Kendrick. He was also the consulting producer for The American Bible Challenge with Jeff Foxworthy for three seasons. He has written a daily devotional tied to the series, The American Bible Challenge Daily Reader, Volume 1 (Thomas Nelson), and a board game based on the show (Talicor). He has three children's books in the "Their Side of the Story" collection (B&H Publishing) based on the whale from the story of Jonah, a frog in Exodus, and a raven on Noah's Ark.

Troy manages three websites, Reason for Hope (, Troy Schmidt (, and Church Scripts Online ( He is also a campus pastor at First Baptist Church of Windermere, Florida, overseeing all adult classes and ministries and sharing the preaching schedule with the senior pastor, Chuck Carter. Troy has been on staff since 1997.

Troy is married to Barbie. They have three sons, Riley, Brady, and Carson.

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