Cosmology in Theological Perspective

Understanding Our Place in the Universe

by PIRKKO VAINIO (Author)Olli-Pekka Vainio (Author)
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"A learned, wide-ranging, and judicious exploration"

"This book is a serious theological treatment of questions that astronomers and laypeople often ask about the cosmos. If scientists were to discover intelligent aliens, or that our universe is part of a vast multiverse, what would that mean for human identity, uniqueness, and significance? These critical questions are too often overlooked in modern discussions of science and faith, so this book is a timely and welcome addition. Vainio offers a knowledgeable and balanced guide through strands of ancient thought, medieval Christian views, atheist claims, philosophical frameworks, and modern christological approaches."
--Deborah Haarsma, astronomer and president of BioLogos

"Using C. S. Lewis as an intellectual conversation partner, Vainio has produced a learned, wide-ranging, and judicious exploration of cosmology from a theological point of view. As clear and engaging in its expression as it is balanced and fair-minded in its conclusions, this is a considerable achievement that I warmly commend."
--Michael Ward, University of Oxford; author of Planet Narnia: The Seven Heavens in the Imagination of C. S. Lewis

"Outer space seems not to hear us scream. Can we say this vast cosmos is personal, meaningful, and purposeful? How can we construct a cosmology that testifies to both God's creation and our personal home? Vainio asks these profound questions while walking us up a path toward a scientifically informed theological answer."
--Ted Peters, coeditor of Theology and Science

"In conversation with C. S. Lewis, Vainio tackles a set of theological challenges presented by contemporary scientific cosmology. Rooted in the ecumenical traditions of the church and informed by knowledge of recent work in the sciences, he has provided us with a reliable, accessible, and imaginative study. This should prove of much value to a broad readership."
--David Fergusson, University of Edinburgh

"Discussion on religion and science is often beyond the comfort zone of historically minded theologians. On the other hand, scientists are not always careful with historical details. Vainio is both a professional historical theologian and a NASA-funded cosmologist. This volume witnesses Vainio's exceptional talents in an ambitious, interdisciplinary exchange of ideas."
--Risto Saarinen, University of Helsinki



Olli-Pekka Vainio, Author

Olli-Pekka Vainio (DrTheol, Habil, University of Helsinki) is university lecturer of systematic theology in the faculty of theology at the University of Helsinki, Finland. He previously served as a resident scholar at the Center of Theological Inquiry and taught at the University of Oxford. Vainio is the author or editor of numerous volumes, including Justification and Participation in Christ, Engaging Luther: A (New) Theological Assessment, Disagreeing Virtuously: Religious Conflict in Interdisciplinary Perspective, and Virtues: An Introduction to Theory and Practice.

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