CSB Read to Me Bible

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Bible Features

  • Translation Holman Christian Standard
  • Bible Portion Complete
  • Binding Material Cloth


A classic Bible for today s family.

Easy-to-read and easy-to-use, theCSB Read to Me Bibleoffers a single-column format and special features that make it a perfect choice for children ages 0-8, whether in the classroom or at home with the family.

Features include:

. Single-column Bible text for easy reading
. Words of Christ in red
. Dozens of full-color pages
. Index to Bible stories
. Classic illustrations of foundational stories
. Full text of the Christian Standard Bible (CSB)

Part of what makes theCSB Read to Me Bibleso special is the readable, faithful-to-the-original text of the Christian Standard Bible. An independent study ranked the CSB among the most readable translations and also among the most reliable. So the CSB is a trustworthy, easy-to-understand resource for kids to study and memorize today and live and share for a lifetime.




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