Daily Walk Bible-NLT

by ONE YEAR BIBLE (Author)PAPER (Author)
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Bible Features

  • Translation New Living
  • Bible Portion Complete
  • Type General Use
  • Binding Material Paper


Let's face it, reading through the Bible is hard. It's easy to get stopped, stumped, tripped up, or otherwise discouraged.It's hard to know how much to read, where we left off, or how to fit the pieces together so that the Bible makes sense as a whole as well as in its parts. We have great intentions, plans, and dreams. And then we hit Leviticus."The Daily Walk Bible" makes getting through the Bible easier. It doesn't rearrange the Scripture. There's no complicated reading plan. It's simple: start at the beginning and follow the daily reading plan. Each day you'll explore a little more of God's story.Six days a week you'll get an Overview of the day's reading, an Insight, and a practical devotion titled "My Daily Walk." Every seventh day is set aside to review the past week, look ahead to the next, and, most importantly, look up to God.Walk Thru the BibleFor more than three decades, Walk Thru the Bible has been dedicated to igniting passion for God's Word worldwide. Live events and small-group curricula are taught in over 45 languages by more than 80,000 people in more than 80 countries, and more than 100 million devotionals have been packaged into daily magazines, books, and other publications that reach over 5 million people each year. To find out more about the global reach of Walk Thru the Bible, find them on the web at www.walkthru.org.



PAPER, Author