Engaging the Doctrine of Creation

Cosmos, Creatures, and the Wise and Good Creator

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"Once again, the indefatigable Matthew Levering has produced a wonderfully lucid survey of a crucial theological topic--this time the doctrine of creation. The work of a scholar of generous temper and analytic rigor who is in touch with the dogmatic traditions of the whole Christian world, this book provides an ideal introduction to its topic."
--David Bentley Hart, contributing editor of First Things

"In the latest volume of this wonderful Engaging the Doctrine series, Levering unrolls for us a robustly biblical doctrine of creation and shows how wonderfully the Christian tradition--especially in its Thomist dialect--has proclaimed, developed, and explored this doctrine. Throughout the book Levering beautifully locates creation against the background of the divine attributes and within the context of the divine economy that will lead the transformed creation finally home. A marvelous resource for all students of the Christian mysteries."
--Lewis Ayres, Durham University

"Levering's engaging book on the doctrine of creation goes well beyond discussions about 'in the beginning.' Protestant and Roman Catholic theologians alike will find here a thick description not only of the cosmos and the human creature but also of the creator--the good, wise, and transcendent source of everything that is. Levering mines a number of other doctrinal shafts as well in an inspired effort to retrieve the riches of the much-neglected biblical and theological perspectives (especially Aquinas's) on creation. He convincingly shows in the process that rumors of dogmatic theology's death at the hands of modern science and cosmology are much exaggerated. If that were not enough, he also displays how the doctrine of original sin functions to preserve the goodness of God's creation and how the atonement restores it. This is a fine guide for Christians who want to understand what it means to be in the world and of it (in a good sense)."
--Kevin J. Vanhoozer, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

"This book is breathtaking in its scope and astonishing in its erudition and creativity. The doctrine of creation suffered gradual attenuation in the theology of the twentieth century, and this book--engaged with modern science and philosophy but not limited to that engagement--is a welcome and refreshing accomplishment in retrieval and reinvigoration. It will prove useful in undergraduate and graduate education alike as well as for any interested educated reader."
--John C. Cavadini, McGrath Institute for Church Life, University of Notre Dame


Matthew Levering, Author

Matthew Levering (PhD, Boston College) is the James N. and Mary D. Perry Jr. Chair of Theology at Mundelein Seminary, University of Saint Mary of the Lake, in Mundelein, Illinois. He previously taught at the University of Dayton. Levering is the author of numerous books, including Engaging the Doctrine of Revelation, Engaging the Doctrine of the Holy Spirit, Proofs of God, The Theology of Augustine, and Ezra & Nehemiah in the Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible series. He serves as coeditor of the journals Nova et Vetera and the International Journal of Systematic Theology and has served as chair of the board of the Academy of Catholic Theology since 2007.

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