Eternity Is Now in Session

A Radical Rediscovery of What Jesus Really Taught about Salvation, Eternity, and Getting to the Good Place

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"Are we there yet?"
Most of us think of eternity as something that begins after we die.

However, Jesus doesn't talk about eternity that way. In fact, Jesus defines "eternal life" only once, with great precision, and in a way that has been largely lost in our day. This book looks at his riveting definition and the questions that flow from it:

  • What if we stopped thinking about eternal life as something we can only experience after we die?
  • What if we stopped thinking of Christians as people who profess beliefs about God and instead focused on becoming disciples who know God?
  • What if salvation isn't mostly about getting you into heaven but about getting heaven into you?
It's time to engage in a radical rediscovery of the Christian concept of salvation.

Eternity is now in session.

From the flap:
What does it mean to be saved?

The concept of "salvation" itself needs to be saved from its current misunderstanding--inside the church and out.

Many people think "being saved" is about meeting the minimum entrance requirements for getting into heaven when they die. But that's not how Jesus talked about it.

Rightly understood, being saved is the urgent desire of every human being, whether they think of themselves as religious or not.

Salvation is the reclamation of humanity by God, experiencing his presence, favor, and power--starting now. On earth.

In Eternity Is Now in Session, bestselling author John Ortberg
  • engages in a radical rediscovery of what the Bible really says about salvation,
  • recaptures the New Testament definitions of salvation, eternal life, and the Good News of the gospel,
  • dispels the myth that eternal life is something we can only hope to experience after we die, and
  • talks about what it really means to be a disciple.
And most important, he explains how we can experience the unspeakably rich, interactive fellowship and joy that exist between Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Eternal life--here, now, every minute of every day.


John Ortberg, Author

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