An Exegetical Commentary

by Victor P. Hamilton (Author)VICTOR HAMILTON (Author)
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"Victor Hamilton's commentary on Exodus contains his own unique, detailed, and constructive translation and interpretations of the texts of Exodus fueled by a wide-ranging dialogue with a wealth of previous scholarship on the book. For Hamilton, Exodus is about the full range of God's relationship with God's people, with the ultimate goal of God's dwelling in the midst of God's people, Israel. All along the way, Hamilton expertly guides readers into the ways in which the book of Exodus intersects with other Old Testament and New Testament texts, offering a rich feast of theologically fruitful insights."
--Dennis Olson, Princeton Theological Seminary

"An excellent commentary on the book of Exodus. It is clearly written as a useful reference for teachers, pastors, and students of the Bible. Hamilton provides his own translation and grammatical notes for each section, followed by an extended commentary that draws deeply on the best sources of a rich interpretive tradition. Evangelicals will find his references to related New Testament texts as well as contemporary comparisons to be helpful resources for teaching."
--James K. Bruckner, North Park Theological Seminary

"Hamilton offers a clear and concise commentary on the book of Exodus. Perhaps even more important than his interaction with the latest scholarship, he answers the questions that people actually ask when they read the text. While his treatment of alternative viewpoints is always fair, he offers his own mature reflection on each passage with clarity and wit. This is a very fine commentary."
--Daniel I. Block, Wheaton College

"Expansive in its coverage, expertly attentive to the Hebrew text, wise in its judgments, and written in a straightforward style, Hamilton's commentary makes sometimes-difficult material accessible and richly rewarding to a variety of readers. The English-speaking world enjoys several good commentaries on Exodus, and this one will rightly take its place among 'best in class.'"
--V. Philips Long, Regent College

"In an engaging style, Hamilton provides an interpretation of the text that is hermeneutically and theologically sound as well as nuanced. Though he has interacted with the best scholarship on Exodus and the ancient Near East, his explanation of the meaning of the text is consistently accessible. A valuable resource for students and pastors."
--Peter T. Vogt, Bethel Seminary


Victor P. Hamilton, Author

Victor P. Hamilton (PhD, Brandeis University), now retired, was professor of Bible and theology at Asbury University for more than thirty-five years. He is the author of major commentaries on Genesis and Exodus as well as Handbook on the Historical Books.

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