Faith Matters for Young Adults

Discovering the Faith



Thefirst volume of a 3 volumeseries of studiesorganized into13-sessions each.
This volume will help young adults discover and explore basic elements of Christian faith in order to grow in fatih and discipleship.

Leader materialis interspersed within thebook.

Sessions include:
What Can I Discover About Christian Faith?
What Can I Know About God?
How Can I Understand Jesus?
What Can I Believe About the Holy Spirit?
What Is the Bible?
How Can the Bible Help Me?
Does the Bible Mean What I think it Means?
How Can I Make Sense Out of Evil?
What Can I Believe About the Devil?
What Do the Church and the Bible Teach About Life After Death?
What Is the Second Coming?
What Is Sin?
What Is Salvation?



Abingdon Press, Author

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