A Commentary

by Craig S. Keener (Author)CRAIG KEENER (Author)
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"Craig Keener adds to his already impressive output a superb commentary. All that we have come to expect from a Keener commentary is here in full: a massive range of primary sources and secondary literature clearly known, absorbed, and evaluated; a sure and steady guide through the many complexities of the text; and a clear statement of the position adopted on the key issues with persuasive reasons at every point. This is a massive achievement from which all students of Galatians will profit for many years to come."
--Christopher Tuckett, University of Oxford

"This extensive and sure-footed reading of Galatians excels in its capacity to place Paul's letter in its ancient cultural context. Drawing on his encyclopedic knowledge of Greek, Roman, and Jewish literature, Keener places Paul's polemics alongside ancient rhetorical practice and wisely insists that Paul's situational remarks on the law in Galatians are neither anti-Jewish nor complete."
--John Barclay, Durham University

"Keener's commentary on Galatians is clear, cogent, balanced, comprehensive, and insightful; it is fully engaged with other scholars, yet independent in its judgments; and it is full of illuminating references to ancient sources and cultural phenomena. No matter one's take on Paul in general, or on this letter in particular, every reader will benefit immensely from Keener's careful interpretation."
--Michael J. Gorman, St. Mary's Seminary and University, Baltimore

"Keener's commentary has an erudition and thoroughness that is simply unmatched. He combines his encyclopedic knowledge of the ancient world with his penchant for sharp exegetical insights and sensitivity to the theological texture of Scripture. Surely a must-have resource on one of the apostle Paul's most disputed letters."
--Michael F. Bird, Ridley College, Melbourne, Australia

"Keener's new commentary on Galatians is a must-read for its engagement with possible interpretations, its attention to primary source data, its measured evaluations, and its interaction with the secondary literature. The commentary is meticulous and thorough, Dr. Keener's hallmarks."
--A. Andrew Das, Elmhurst College; author of Galatians in the Concordia Commentary series

"Keener has put us in his debt again with his commentary on Galatians. He interacts regularly with primary sources in the Greco-Roman world and Second Temple Judaism, is deeply conversant with contemporary scholarship, and provides his own lucid commentary on one of Paul's most significant letters."
--Thomas R. Schreiner, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary


Craig S. Keener, Author

Craig S. Keener (Ph.D., Duke University) is F. M. and Ada Thompson Professor of Biblical Studies at Asbury Theological Seminary. He is author of 25 books, 5 of which have won awards in Christianity Today. More than a million copies of his books are in circulation; the most popular is The IVP Bible Background Commentary: New Testament, which provides cultural background on each passage of the New Testament. Craig is also the New Testament editor for the NIV Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible, which won the International Book Award for Christianity and Bible of the year in the Christian Book Awards. Craig is editor of the Bulletin for Biblical Research and in 2018 is vice-president of the Evangelical Theological Society. Craig's wife, Dr. Médine Moussounga Keener, was a refugee in her home country of Congo; their story appears in Impossible Love: The True Story of an African Civil War, Miracles, and Hope against All Odds (Chosen, 2016). His blog site is

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