Graceful Evangelism

Christian Witness in a Complex World

by Frances S. Adeney (Author)FRANCES ADENEY (Author)
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A Graceful Approach to Sharing the Good News

Frances Adeney offers a comprehensive treatment of evangelism, showing that new evangelism theologies and methods are necessary in today's religiously pluralistic and secular contexts. By understanding different approaches to evangelism and accepting the views of others on this crucial topic, the church can move forward with a more graceful approach to sharing God's good news with the world.

"In Graceful Evangelism, Professor Adeney combines her proficiency as a scholar with her talent and wisdom as a teacher to provide an extremely valuable resource for those learning and teaching evangelism today. She carefully draws from biblical, theological, and historical foundations to frame thoughtful and balanced practices, offering a comprehensive guide to evangelism in today's complicated North American context."--Laceye Warner, Duke Divinity School

"Frances Adeney calls the church to be graceful--gentle, humble, respectful--in its evangelism, and she writes her book in the same graceful way. These pages are filled with experience, conviction, and faith. They should inspire pastors, students, and ordinary Christians, all of whom are called to live out their baptismal vocation to evangelize."--Stephen Bevans, Catholic Theological Union

"Graceful Evangelism is a wonderfully accessible, thoroughly researched book that belongs in every introductory course in evangelism in both the seminary and the church. Adeney offers a robust vision for evangelism that is exactly what the church needs today."--Elaine Heath, Duke Divinity School

"Frances Adeney has written a book that draws us away from the slick marketing gimcrackery that sometimes passes for evangelism. Graceful Evangelism directs would-be evangelists to get in step with the God who is neither contrived nor hurried. Here is an evangelism textbook that is as concerned with the integrity of the messenger as it is with the packaging of the message."--Jonathan J. Bonk, Boston University; former editor, International Bulletin of Missionary Research

"Frances Adeney draws from Scripture, theology, anthropology, missiology, and from historical and contemporary case studies to produce a very useful reflection for rethinking a church's engagement with pre-Christian people. I hope that Graceful Evangelism makes an enduring contribution."--George G. Hunter, Asbury Theological Seminary


Frances S. Adeney, Author

Frances S. Adeney (PhD, Graduate Theological Union) is William A. Benfield Jr. Professor of Evangelism and Global Mission Emerita at Louisville Seminary. She has authored and contributed to many books, including Christianity Encountering World Religions, Christianity and Human Rights, and Christian Women in Indonesia: A Narrative Study of Gender and Religion.

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