He Is Enough

Living in the Fullness of Jesus (a Study in Colossians)

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Imagine if the honest cry of your heart was, "I have enough. I need nothing more."

Every billboard, banner ad, and clickbait article is telling us what "more" we need and how to get it. Better sleep! Financial success! Flawless skin! Obedient kids! But the sleek sales pitches never quite live up to their promises.

The Bible says Jesus is enough. And we believe it. But how in the world do we convince our stubborn hearts to live it out?

He Is Enough is a verse-by-verse journey through Colossians that will show you how to internalize the reality of Christ's sufficiency. Along the way, Asheritah Ciuciu will teach you accurate, faithful, dig-deep Bible study skills that will change you and the way you study Scripture. With creative ideas for worship, memorization, and even coloring pages for each week, you'll never be bored as both your heart and mind engage the Word of God like never before.

Plus, there's a "Snack on the Go" section that helps you reflect on Scripture during the hectic days when you only have five minutes.

If you're tired of seeking satisfaction that's "just around the corner," come and encounter the God who is here and who is ENOUGH.


Asheritah Ciuciu, Author

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