How Sermons Work



Have you ever listened to a sermon and wondered, 'How do they do that?'It's a good question. How do pastors get from the basic nuts and bolts of a few Bible verses to the delivery of a full sermon? Some people seem to think that pastors 'receive' their messages direct from God. They imagine some mysterious process by which he just 'gets' a sermon. Others think that a pastor just spends the week relaxing, gets up on a Sunday, and says the first thing that comes into his mind with little or no forethought or planning. In this instructive and immensely practical book, David Murray demonstrates that behind the thirty to forty-five minutes we see and hear on a Sunday morning are many hours of mental, spiritual and practical labour. Like all pastoral labour, it involves head, heart and hand. Yet this book is not just for preachers. It will also be extremely helpful for students, Bible class teachers, or anyone who has to prepare a Bible message. Above all, however, it is the author's desire that this book will be read by those who do not preach. He wants to give non-preachers an insider's look at sermon preparation. By taking readers behind the scenes and asking, 'How do they do that?' Murray wants to supply answers that will increase respect for pastors and their preaching.


David Murray, Author

Murray, David: - David Murray is Professor of Old Testament and Practical Theology at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He was born in Scotland and served as a pastor there. He blogs regularly on preaching and leadership at

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