I Call It Heresy

And Other Timely Topics from First Peter



"I Call it Heresy" is a vibrant study of the Lordship controversy long before it became a major player on the theological stage. A.W. Tozer tackles the heresy of accepting Jesus Christ as Saviorbut believingyoupostpone accepting him as lord over your life.

"InI Call It Heresy," A.W. Tozer uses 1 Peter as his base to launch out into such themes as holiness, humility, the qualities of our divine inheritance and nine other timely topics.

Originally from" Tozer Pulpit, vol. 5, "this collection of sermons and reflections on 1 Peter addresses very interesting and timely issues. It highlights the appeal of being of Christ's followers "and" being under His Lordship, helping us to say, "How satisfying it is to be under His authority ""


A. W. Tozer, Author

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