Inside a Cutter's Mind

Understanding and Helping Those Who Self-Injure

by Jerusha Clark (Author)Earl Henslin (With)
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Considering recent statistics, chances are you know someone who deliberately harms himself. In fact, you might know several, though their behavior may remain hidden from or a mystery to you. Experts estimate that millions of people engage in some form of self-injury, a shocking physical expression of emotional and spiritual pain. Because "cutting" is so misunderstood, some people believe it's just a bid for attention or an adolescent phase. Others assume self-harm is a girls' problem only and doesn't happen to "good" people, let alone Christians. Yet this practice has quietly spread into mainstream America, crossing all age and gender lines and even into the church. When confronted with this silent epidemic, how can we respond and help those in desperate need? Drawing from a rich blend of research and interviews, best-selling author Jerusha Clark, with Dr. Earl Henslin, explores this complex problem that has no easy solution. With an empathetic heart and a compassionate voice, she brings light to a dark condition and delivers hope to victims and their loved ones.


Jerusha Clark, Author

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