Introducing the New Testament

A Historical, Literary, and Theological Survey

by MARK POWELL (Author)Mark Allan Powell (Author)
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This lively, engaging introduction to the New Testament features a redesigned interior, revisions throughout the book, and extensive new online material for students and professors.

"Drawing on several decades of effective classroom teaching, Powell has produced the quintessential 'user-friendly' introduction to the New Testament, which should be a welcome addition to any New Testament teacher's pedagogical resources. He has put student and teacher alike in his debt."
--Mikeal C. Parsons, Baylor University

"Introducing the New Testament is just what today's students need. Adopting this book as the primary text for introductory Bible courses (in a college, seminary, or church) is a no-brainer. I recommend it highly."
--Craig A. Evans, Houston Baptist University

"Beautifully presented, accessibly written, clearly organized, and attentive to the beginning student. Both students and faculty will benefit from engaging this book."
--Stephen E. Fowl, Loyola University Maryland

"This splendid introduction to the New Testament is vivid, engaging, and designed to reach a broad audience. As a resource for teachers and students, it is excellent."
--Craig R. Koester, Luther Seminary

"Introducing the New Testament is a real gem, a true diamond, not in the rough but well polished."
--Raymond F. Collins, The Catholic University of America and Brown University

"A fine introduction. . . . [Powell] has offered the fruit of his years of teaching to make 'introducing the New Testament' . . . a lively and rewarding experience."
--Peter J. Judge, Review of Biblical Literature

"This elegant undergraduate introduction to the NT by Mark Allan Powell is as engaging, accessible, and instructive as it is beautiful."
--Séamus O'Connell, Journal for the Study of the New Testament

"The engaging style of writing and the aesthetically pleasing layout, as well as the maps, sidebars, and glossary, recommend this book to its intended audience of students at a college, university, or seminary."
--Agnes Choi, Biblical Theology Bulletin

"[An] excellent introduction to the New Testament. It is thoroughly geared to the classroom, offering clear and solid information on the context and content of the various New Testament books. The textbook is beautifully presented."
--Donald Senior, CP, The Bible Today

"Powell is able to bring years of experience and insight from the academy, the classroom, and the church into a single volume. . . . Introducing the New Testament will be gladly received as a substantial resource for NT classes and will be utilized in a wide variety of contexts. . . . A wonderful resource that will be read and utilized for years to come."
--Sung Jin Park, Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society

"An excellent contribution to the teaching of NT studies. . . . It is informed by sound scholarship, it presents the subject matter in an engaging way, and its format is attractive."
--Russell Pregeant, Interpretation



Mark Allan Powell, Author

Mark Allan Powell (PhD, Union Theological Seminary, Richmond) is professor emeritus at Trinity Lutheran Seminary in Columbus, Ohio, where he taught New Testament for thirty-two years. He is the author of the successful textbook Introducing the New Testament and the general editor of the HarperCollins Bible Dictionary. Powell has served as the chair of the SBL Historical Jesus Section and is the former New Testament editor of the SBL Academia Biblica dissertation series. Every summer he travels to a different Latin American country to study the native language and culture (so far he has visited Argentina, Costa Rica, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Mexico, and Venezuela, with more to come).

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