Introduction to the Hebrew Prophets

by JAMES NOGALSKI (Author)James D. Nogalski (Author)


Following the Hebrew canon, the author offers a basic introduction, which includes critical issues such as authorship, unity, dates of composition and revision, and structure. Drawing upon current scholarship, Dr. Nogalski shows how these issues are relevant to the theological themes and movements that help characterize the text and hold meaning for us.
The last decades have seen many changes when it comes to the study of the four Latter Prophets (Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and the book of the Twelve). Among others, these changes have identified a greater role for the prophetic scroll - not merely the prophetic character - as a vehicle for conveying the prophetic message. Nogalski's introduction to the prophets invites modern readers to hear these scrolls through the processes that shaped them, to recognize the thematic threads that traverse them, and to react to the words that confront religious and ethical complacency, that speak truth to power, and that offer hope to the oppressed.
Each chapter will include a brief bibliography for further reading and discussion questions to help students focus on key concepts.



James D. Nogalski, Author

Nogalski, James D.: - James D. Nogalski is Professor and Director of Graduate Studies in Religion at Baylor University. Nogalski is best known for his ongoing work in prophetic literature of the Hebrew Bible and is the author of several books on the topic.

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