Jesus and the Dead Sea Scrolls

Revealing the Jewish Roots of Christianity



Scholar John Bergsma presents the first major work on the Dead Sea Scrolls in two decades and shows how the mysterious and long-forgotten scrolls, discovered in an Egyptian cave in 1947, reveal more fully the Jewish roots of Christianity.

From popular Old Testament scholar John S. Bergsma comes an illuminating text that reveals a Jewish community predating Christianity whose existence, beliefs, and practices have long been ignored by scholars and the public for social and political reasons: the Essenes. Bergsma, one of only a handful of American scholars who has had access to the original Dead Sea manuscripts reveals how this radical, pre-Christian Jewish religious community directly influenced the beliefs and early practices of early Christianity. This connection offers new information on how early Christians lived their lives, worshiped, and eventually went on to influence the Roman Empire. Bergsma also looks to Hebrew Scriptures and Jewish tradition to frame a story of how a simple Jewish peasant could go on to found a religion and a philosophy that still resonates 2000 years later.

In this enlightening read, Dr. Bergsma demonstrates how the Dead Sea Scrolls--the world's greatest modern archaeological discovery--can deepen our appreciation of Scripture and strengthen our understanding of faith.


John Bergsma, Author

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