Less of More

Pursuing Spiritual Abundance in a World of Never Enough

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"This is one of those rare books that can honestly change your life."--Jefferson Bethke, New York Times bestselling author of Jesus > Religion and It's Not What You Think

For most Americans, the pursuit of happiness really means the pursuit of more--more money, more prestige, more stuff. We've made idols out of innovation, growth, power, and wealth. Far from offering us happiness and satisfaction, this has only left us exhausted, isolated, miserable, and wondering if there is a better way.

There is. Less of More exposes our pursuit of more for what it truly is: an attempt to satisfy our souls with the temporary instead of the eternal. Pastor and writer Chris Nye invites us to consider what a full and abundant life looks like apart from money, status, and power. He exposes the lies inherent in our obsession with growth, fame, and wealth and calls us to a countercultural life marked by connection, obscurity, vulnerability, and generosity.

If you have gained the world but lost your soul, Less of More offers a compelling path toward a life of true, deep, lasting satisfaction with Jesus--not us--at the center of it.

"Chris Nye has written a lucid, wise book on the crisis of American life and the hope of the gospel. His exposé of American pathology is searing and specific. His articulation of a gospel alternative is profoundly compelling. Nye invites us to 'take Jesus at his word' concerning dying with him and being raised to life with him. Such trust would entail nothing less than to 'follow him out of America and into the kingdom of God.' Attention must be paid!"--Walter Brueggemann, Columbia Theological Seminary

Chris Nye is pastor for teaching and leadership development at Awakening Church in the Silicon Valley of California. He is the author of Distant God, and his writing has appeared in the Washington Post, Christianity Today, Relevant magazine, and others. He lives with his wife, Allison, in California. Visit www.chrisnye.co for more.


Chris Nye, Author

Chris Nye is a pastor and writer living in the Silicon Valley of California with his wife, Allison. He is most recently the author of Distant God, and his writing has appeared in the Washington Post, Christianity Today, Relevant magazine, and various other publications. Chris currently serves as a pastor for leadership development and teaching at Awakening Church, and has been an adjunct professor for theology at Northwest University. He also travels throughout the United States speaking at universities, churches, and conferences. Visit www.chrisnye.co for more.

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