Making Room for Neighbors

Strengthen Relationships, Cultivate Community



Join Oak Hills Church in an outreach program designed to help Christians rediscover the importance of true engagement with self, family and neighbors.

Life in America is fast approaching warp speed; there's so much to do and so little time Families barely get to see one another--even dinner is often simply a matter of grabbing some food and eating on the run. Instead of us managing our lives, life seems to manage us.

Randy Frazee, Senior Minister at Oak Hills Church, and Max Lucado believe that it's time to change all that. MAKING ROOM FOR NEIGHBORS, based on a successful pilot outreach program at Oak Hills Church, is a five part series designed to help Christians get back to the things that really count, like the importance of sitting around the dinner table together By mindfully engaging with family, friends and neighbors--and ourselves (Making Room to Chill)--we live more deeply, minister more effectively and help to grow the body of Christ.

The curriculum is a catalyst to help Christian men and women intentionally go deeper and get more engaged in personal relationships with friends, family and neighbors, organized around five themes:
- Session One--Making Room for Life
- Session Two--Making Room for Family
- Session Three--Making Room for Neighbors
- Session Four--Making Room to Chill
- Session Five--Making Room for Service

Enjoy the rewards of the kind of relationship that Jesus modeled for us, a life of engagement with others that builds true community.


Max Lucado, Author

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Randy Frazee, Author

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