Moral Leadership for a Divided Age

Fourteen People Who Dared to Change Our World

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"A stirring and necessary read for leaders and aspiring leaders alike"

Great moral leaders inspire, challenge, and unite us--even in a time of deep divisions. Moral Leadership for a Divided Age explores the lives of fourteen great moral leaders and the wisdom they offer us today.

"In the midst of an 'I'm right, you're wrong' national conversation, this book can help us bridge divides without abandoning our convictions. Gushee and Holtz tell the stories of an inspiring, diverse set of leaders--leaders who struggled for freedom, equality, and justice--and do so without shying away from the messy truth about their lives. This is a stirring and necessary read for leaders and aspiring leaders alike. If you want to create change in a time of division, you need to read this book."
--Van Jones, host of The Van Jones Show, CNN; president of Dream Corps

"To ascertain and analyze great moral leadership in this contentious and divided era necessitates intellectual accuracy, social vulnerability, and faithful witness. In that spirit, Gushee and Holtz set a new standard in interdisciplinary as well as intersectional scholarship that has social relevance for our times."
--Stacey Floyd-Thomas, Vanderbilt University

"There is nothing more important than moral leadership--especially in a time when there is so little of it on the national stage. Understanding moral leadership, where it comes from, and how it shapes the lives of leaders and those around them are some of the valuable insights found in this important volume. Gushee and Holtz have chosen excellent leaders as moral models for times like these. We need moral leadership now more than ever, and learning how each one of us can provide such leadership in our own circles of influence is the key to moving forward."
--Jim Wallis, New York Times bestselling author of America's Original Sin; president of Sojourners; and editor-in-chief of Sojourners magazine

"This accessible and informative collection of carefully chosen biographies excels at showing how exemplary moral leaders mobilized followers and how they set about pursuing their lofty reforming goals. It offers a great deal of sharply focused historical insight but even more much-needed wisdom about how the virtues of past leaders can inspire the pursuit of justice and truth today."
--Mark Noll, author of Turning Points: Decisive Moments in the History of Christianity


David P. Gushee, Author

David P. Gushee (PhD, Union Theological Seminary), a leading public Christian voice on ethical issues of our day, is Distinguished University Professor of Christian Ethics and director of the Center for Theology and Public Life at Mercer University in Atlanta, Georgia. He is the author of twenty-two books; has served as a columnist for Religion News Service, Christianity Today, and HuffPost; and has been featured on Krista Tippett's NPR program On Being. Gushee serves as president of the American Academy of Religion and is immediate past president of the Society of Christian Ethics.

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, Author

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Colin Holtz, Author

Colin Holtz, a writer and strategist at the intersection of church and world, is a ten-year veteran of issue advocacy and political campaigns. His writing has been published in the Guardian and HuffPost. He has led national campaigns on education debt and financial regulation, worked with CNN's Crossfire, and served as a senior adviser to Faithful America. He will receive his Master of Divinity from McAfee School of Theology at Mercer University in 2019.

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