My Favorite Color Is Blue. Sometimes.

A Journey Through Loss with Art and Color



A picture book to guide the reader through different emotions and reactions related to grieving.
In May of 2014, I had the opportunity of traveling to Newtown, CT, following the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary to paint with children who witnessed to this tragic event. The experience of being with these children and their families changed me at a cellular level. From that moment on, I knew that I wanted my writing and my art to serve as a companion to those moving through loss.
The text and illustrations of this lushly colored picture book will guide the reader through different emotions and reactions related to grieving, including shock, tears, anger, and hope. I envision a children's picture book by design, but accessible to people of all ages. I will never promise the end of grief or pain or say things like "She is in a better place" or "This was part of God's plan." Grief is messy.
This book will encourage and explore the rhythms of grief and healing using color, few words, honesty, and hope. Something I believe we all need. As a parent, Christian Educator, and spouse of a kindergarten teacher, I know that there is an overwhelming need for these kinds of simple, honest and real resources.


Roger Hutchison, Author

Hutchison, Roger: - Artist and author Roger Hutchison is the Director of Christian Formation and Parish Life at Palmer Memorial Episcopal Church in Houston, Texas. His first book, The Painting Table: A Journal of Loss and Joy, has been used by people of all ages in schools, churches, and community groups across the United States. Roger's second book, Under the Fig Tree: Visual Prayers and Poems for Lent (2015) has been released to rave reviews. He had the privilege of painting with children who had witnessed the tragic shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, CT. The experience affected him profoundly and convinced him of a vocation to use his writing and art to serve those who grieve.

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