Networked Theology

Negotiating Faith in Digital Culture

by Heidi A. Campbell (Author)Stephen Garner (Author)HEIDI CAMPBELL (Author)William Dyrness (Editor)
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"Thoughtful, compelling, and substantial"

"Networked Theology contributes to a burgeoning field in Christian theology--theologically engaged reflections on digital culture--with wisdom, learning, and passion. Campbell and Garner are a dream team to tackle this topic. Their combined expertise results in an impressive interdisciplinary endeavor, bringing up-to-date, rigorous media scholarship together with thoughtful, engaged theological practice. They offer much-needed historical and theoretical grounding to help describe where we are and how we got here. They also offer rich theological and deeply pastoral resources to help communities engage their work. This will be a wonderful text for seminary and advanced undergraduate classes and for pastors and laypeople who want to understand their own digital practices."
--Kathryn Reklis, Fordham University; The New Media Project, Christian Theological Seminary

"Networked Theology is robustly theological in (1) addressing the nature of being human (theological anthropology) in an era of network individualism, (2) analyzing the nature of human social relations (ecclesiology and theology of society) in a time of connectivity commodification, and (3) revisioning the form of Christian faithfulness (theology of culture and mission theology) in our digitally mediated world. Amid the emerging literature at the intersection of theology and technology, Campbell and Garner give us the first sustained assessment of contextual and public theology for living in and against Web 3.0."
--Amos Yong, Fuller Theological Seminary

"A thoughtful, compelling, and substantial reflection on the intersection of networked religion and Christian theology. The authors' distinctive backgrounds--his in computer science, hers in media studies--offer unique perspectives from which to consider difficult questions about identifying and loving our neighbors in the midst of digital cultures. An excellent text for both seminary and congregational study."
--Mary Hess, Luther Seminary

"A fine introduction to major themes at the intersection of technology and theology in the age of new media."
--Quentin Schultze, Calvin College; coauthor of An Essential Guide to Interpersonal Communication


Heidi A. Campbell, Author

Heidi A. Campbell (PhD, University of Edinburgh) is associate professor of communication at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas. She has been featured in the Chicago Tribune, LA Times, and The Wall Street Journal, and on PBS's Religion & Ethics Newsweekly and the BBC Radio World Service. Campbell is the author of Exploring Religious Community Online, has written numerous articles and encyclopedia entries, and participated in the Sir John Templeton Oxford Seminars in Science and Christianity.

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Stephen Garner, Author

Stephen Garner (PhD, University of Auckland) is head of school in the School of Theology at Laidlaw College in Auckland, New Zealand. He holds an MSc in computer science and worked in a number of fields in the information technology sector before entering theological studies. Garner has written various book chapters and journal articles on theology, technology, media, and popular culture. He speaks frequently on technology and new media.

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William Dyrness, Editor