Prayers of a Stranger

A Christmas Journey

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While visiting the Holy Land, Amanda answers the prayers of a stranger . . . and begins an amazing Christmas journey.

Amanda Vance is ambivalent about her husband s idea for a big family holiday up north. Last year she planned a special Christmas in their own home, carefully preparing a nursery and the keepsake ornaments for their newborn. Now that room stands as empty as her heart.

Then a neighbor s mishap turns into a last-minute chance for Amanda to take a much-needed vacation to tour the Holy Land.

An extraordinary turn of events allows Amanda to help answer a young mother s plea for healing. Then, filled with a sense of awe, Amanda visits the place of Jesus birth. There she discovers anew the miracle of the Christ child God incarnate as a tiny, vulnerable baby.

Her return to Florida marks a momentous shift in her soul and in her marriage as she begins to realize that her journey didn t end in the Holy Land. And that God doesn t just answer prayers of strangers . . . but also those of her own heart.

A great story filled with emotion, depth, and spiritual beauty. Debbie Macomber, #1 New York Times Best-selling Author



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