Satisfy My Thirsty Soul

For I Am Desperate for Your Presence

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As a Christian woman, you yearn for intimacy with God. You long to know His presence, to be satisfied in heart and soul, but you don't know how. You want to be obedient, but you need a higher motivation than simply choosing to do right.
Linda Dillow understands. And now in Satisfy My Thirsty Soul, she shares with you her lifelong discovery that both longings can be met--through worship.
True worship is both a specific act and a lifestyle. As you learn what it means to bow your knee (the act of worship), you'll gain a renewed intimacy with God. And as you learn to bow your thoughts, words, work, attitudes, will, and even pain (the lifestyle of worship), you'll be drawn into God's holy and life-giving presence--the place where God will truly satisfy your thirsty soul.


Linda Dillow, Author

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