Slender Reeds

Jochebed's Hope

by TEXIE GREGORY (Author)Texie Susan Gregory (Author)


Trapped beneath 400 years of Egypt s injustices, the Hebrew people await deliverance from generations of Egyptian slavery. But while it is still dark, God is at work. Young Jochebed is unaware the Master Weaver is preparing her to mother three formidable leaders: Miriam, Aaron, and Moses. Shiphrah, the half-Egyptian midwife tasked to kill Hebrew male newborns, remembers childhood stories of a merciful God and cannot resist His call on her life.
Two women, each following the dangerous path God has set before them this is their story"



Texie Susan Gregory, Author

Gregory, Texie Susan: - Yes, Texie is her legal name and no, she's not a Texan. North Carolina born and bred, she holds Masters' Degrees in Religious Education and School Counseling. Although Texie Susan has served as a teacher, chaplain intern, and church drama director, her favorite calling is being a mother. As Texie Susan taught her children of the Lord and Savior, she became aware of the incredible influence mothers have and of the rippling effect of their words for future generations. Intrigued by who and what shaped the great leaders of the Bible, she began to write the stories of unknown mothers in Biblical times. She and her husband are empty-nesters missing their two young adult children who live on opposite sides of the country. Since they all love to travel, she's thankful they are on the same continent.

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