Soul Hunger

Satisfy Your Heart's Deepest Longing

by J. Otis Ledbetter (Author)


Are you among the hungry? Not for food but hungry . . . searching . . . for something. That hunger is rooted in a raging spiritual battle taking place inside every human being--a battle between flesh and Spirit for the same territory. The legitimate hungers placed in each of us at birth are ground zero in this battle. Using the fruit of the Spirit passage, Soul Hunger shows you how to allow the Holy Spirit to live victoriously within you and win the battle against your flesh.


J. Otis Ledbetter, Author

Ledbetter, J. Otis: - J. Otis Ledbetter is an author, conference speaker, and lead pastor. Involved worldwide in ministries committed to passing a solid heritage to the next generation, he is the author of Your Heritage: How to Be Intentional about the Legacy You Leave, among other works that have been translated into multiple languages. He and his wife Gail have three grown children and twelve grandchildren.

, Author

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