The Brazos Introduction to Christian Spirituality

by Evan B. Howard (Author)EVAN HOWARD (Author)
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Christian spirituality is in vogue in the postmodern twenty-first century. Both colleges and seminaries now offer courses--even advanced degrees--on spiritual formation and spiritual disciplines; for this reason, a straightforward, comprehensive textbook is needed. Enter The Brazos Introduction to Christian Spirituality. This book offers a broad-minded approach that covers Protestant, Catholic, and Eastern Orthodox traditions. In addition, it is interdisciplinary in its approach, drawing from fields such as theology and psychology. This informative, illuminating, interesting, and ecumenical book is especially accessible given its many user-friendly features:

• chapter outlines provide a general orientation to the flow of the chapter
• chapter objectives explain the tasks readers should be able to perform upon completing the chapter
• sidebars summarize materials in the text or provide brief quotes from primary sources
• focus boxes offer portraits of historical figures and movements or essays on key issues in Christian spirituality
• charts, pictures, and cartoons provide helpful visual illustrations and highlight key information
• a glossary defines unfamiliar terms or terms that are used distinctively in the text
• exercises near the end of each chapter ("Practicing Christian Spirituality") allow personal application of the material presented
• chapter summaries offer a helpful overview of the chapter's content
• questions for consideration prompt readers to tease out the key points of the chapter
• a list of works titled "Looking Further" helps readers identify resources for further exploration

"With a unique format and comprehensive approach, The Brazos Introduction to Christian Spirituality is an essential read for all who seek to experience Christian faith and practice in its fullness."--Richard J. Foster, author of Celebration of Discipline and Streams of Living Water

"Evan Howard has provided us with a clear and comprehensive overview of Christian spirituality. He pays attention to the breadth of Christian spirituality in a way that is fair and at the same time does not leave the reader merely overwhelmed with options. The book is masterfully organized and readers will appreciate the sidebars with charts, summaries, case studies, and a comprehensive glossary. The intention of the book is to provide an overview of Christian spirituality, but the volume contains the elements necessary for a comprehensive program of Christian formation."--James C. Wilhoit, Wheaton College; author of Spiritual Formation as if the Church Mattered

"Evan Howard has written a truly foundational work on Christian spirituality. To answer the question: 'What does relationship with God look like for Christians?' Howard moves systematically through the basic issues that undergird the study and practice of Christian spirituality, illustrating each topic from the breadth of the Christian spiritual tradition. This book will be in the hands of my students as soon as possible!"--Elizabeth Liebert, San Francisco Theological Seminary

"Here is a textbook that makes a new kind of course possible. Even better, it offers the church's wisdom about what makes transformed lives possible. May it turn our seminaries and sanctuaries into schools for conversion and give substance to the next Great Awakening."--Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, author of Free to Be Bound and New Monasticism


Evan B. Howard, Author

Evan B. Howard (PhD, Graduate Theological Union) is the founder and director of Spirituality Shoppe: An Evangelical Center for the Study of Christian Spirituality and affiliate associate professor of Christian spirituality at Fuller Theological Seminary. He leads workshops and seminars on Christian spirituality worldwide and is the author of several books, including Praying the Scriptures: A Field Guide for Your Spiritual Journey.

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