The Christian Entrepreneur

Dream, Plan, Execute, Grow

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Set Up Your Business for Success

Most of us know that a great business starts with a good idea, but how do those good ideas really become successful businesses? Where should you start? How do you make decisions like determining if you should rent office space or work out of your garage? How should you handle legal issues that come up? And what does it mean to be a "Christian" entrepreneur anyway?

Drawing from his work as a legal expert and business coach, Brock Shinen is here to help aspiring entrepreneurs turn their ideas and passions into viable businesses. This easy-to-use guide includes self-assessment tools that will guide you through four critical stages of starting and running a business.

Learn to evaluate your ideas, create a viable business plan, form collaborative teams, and build a business that's both meaningful and profitable.

"Brock has a unique ability to distill complex topics into simple, easy-to-implement steps, and his book for entrepreneurs is no exception. Brock takes a methodical, calculated approach to breaking down the timeline of a business's origin, from idea through growth, and shares his war chest of tips, experience, and action steps."
--MILES MCPHERSON, author, speaker, and pastor

"Brock is a man of the law and a man of God with a rare gift as a strategist. If you have an idea for a new or existing business that you want to take to the next level, while carrying the heart of the Father--get this book."--DAVID NOROÑA, cofounder and director of the studio division at Bethel Media and cofounder of Bethel Conservatory of the Arts


Brock Shinen, Author

Brock Shinen is a lawyer, a speaker, an author, and the founder of the Law Office of Brock Shinen, Inc., which represents some of the largest churches in America. Brock is a highly sought-after business advisor and personal business strategist to globally recognized organizations and ministries. He has spoken at conferences and business gatherings including the National Religious Broadcasters national convention, the Southern Baptist national convention, and the Vineyard USA National Conference, and his writing has been featured in publications such as the Huffington Post. Brock lives with his wife and two children in Orange County, California. Learn more at

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