The Crown and the Fire

Meditations on the Cross and the Life of the Spirit



This popular book by N. T. Wright offers thirteen powerful meditations and sermons that challenge readers to assess anew the meaning of Jesus' death and resurrection and the life of the Spirit in Jesus' followers today.
In Part One, "The Crown of Thorns," Wright considers not the customary seven last words that Jesus spoke "from" the cross but, rather, seven words that various people spoke "to" Jesus on the cross -- people like Mary and the Roman centurion, who witnessed the crucifixion, and Pontius Pilate, who helped to instigate it. Part Two, "The Fire of Love," contains five sermons and one biblical exposition on such themes as the new creation, the call of God, and the nature of Christ's presence in the Eucharist.


N. T. Wright, Author

Wright, N. T.: - N. T. (Tom) Wright is Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland, and one of the most highly respected biblical scholars in the world today.

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