The Deception



The battle for Masonville is not over.
Mysterious disappearances plague the once-serene town, and Owen's understanding of his spiritual sight is tested as he tries to discern what is truth and what is a lie woven by Molek and his army of Creepers.

Eleven months after the Masonville High shooting, the school and town still bear scars from the horrific attack. Owen Edmonds has just begun to pick up the pieces of his life when people start vanishing from Masonville and his spiritual sight undergoes some disturbing changes. He's convinced that the mysterious occurrences must be related, but how? Desperate for wisdom and a way forward, Owen thinks his prayers have been answered through the appearance of not one, but two new advisors. But when his mentors start giving contradictory advice, who should Owen trust? Where can he turn when everything he's ever relied on begins to fail? Owen must face the fact that the spiritual attack on the town has not ended: Molek and his army of Creepers are simply mounting an assault on a different front.


Laura Gallier, Author

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