The Divine Christ

Paul, the Lord Jesus, and the Scriptures of Israel

by DAVID CAPES (Author)David B. Capes (Author)Craig Evans (Editor)
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The Divine Christ is part of the Acadia Studies in Bible and Theology series. The series editor is Craig A. Evans.

"David Capes reprises his own foundational work on this topic and engages the converging approaches of other scholars. The result is a comprehensive and accessible account of Paul's understanding of Jesus Christ as fully divine."
--Richard Bauckham, University of St. Andrews

"A brilliant examination of the meaning of 'Lord' in ancient Judaism, in modern scholarship, and in the Pauline Letters. What Capes demonstrates with acumen and insight is that Paul was among those who considered Jesus as Lord in the strongest possible sense, and the highest Christology we can imagine was indeed among the earliest. This erudite and learned volume is for anyone interested in the Christology of the early church."
--Michael F. Bird, Ridley College, Melbourne, Australia

"When do we consider all the New Testament texts that quote the Old Testament and apply to Jesus what is said about Yahweh, the one and only God of creation? English readers don't usually think of these passages, because we just see the word 'Lord' and move on. Capes leads us on a sleuthing exercise to discover and understand the significance of these passages. Readers will be astounded at how many there are and will be greatly encouraged by what their meanings add up to."
--Craig L. Blomberg, Denver Seminary

"Capes extends the argument he first presented in his important book Old Testament Yahweh Texts in Paul's Christology and responds to some recent developments in scholarly discussion. By pressing home useful distinctions and carefully attending to textual and contextual features, Capes elucidates crucial aspects of the earliest and fully divine Christology. This volume sparkles with common sense and judicious judgment, shedding light on a perennially contentious issue."
--Chris Tilling, St. Mellitus College

"Every generation of students has to struggle anew with complex questions regarding the status and nature of Christ in the New Testament and early Christian thought. To this weighty subject Capes brings proven expertise, crystal clarity of expression, and penetrating analysis of interpretations past and present."
--Nijay K. Gupta, Portland Seminary

"Capes extends the conclusions of his seminal work on Paul's early high Christology and makes the best of contemporary scholarship accessible without getting lost in the weeds. Both beginning students and seasoned scholars will benefit from this valuable work."
--Ben C. Blackwell, Houston Baptist University



David B. Capes, Author

David B. Capes (PhD, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary) is senior research scholar at Lanier Theological Library in Houston, Texas. He previously taught at Wheaton College and at Houston Baptist University. He has authored, coauthored, or edited many books, including Rediscovering Jesus: An Introduction to Biblical, Religious and Cultural Perspectives on Christ; Rediscovering Paul: An Introduction to His World, Letters, and Theology; and Old Testament Yahweh Texts in Paul's Christology.

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Craig Evans, Editor