The Orthodox Reality

Culture, Theology, and Ethics in the Modern World

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Orthodoxy in the Modern World

Vigen Guroian, a leading voice of contemporary Orthodox theology, offers insight into the heart and soul of Orthodoxy.

"This book comes at a time when tectonic shifts in Western Culture have diminished both the visible presence and the audible voice of traditional Christian faith and practice in the public square. Even within the household of traditional Christianity, there are fractures due largely to a lack of apostolic teaching and sound apologetics. Often lost in the internal Christian conversation is the voice of Orthodox Christianity. In fact, in the West, Orthodoxy is often simply an afterthought. Guroian has achieved the standing both within his own tradition and ecumenically to be a theological advocate for the Orthodox Church who reflects what is often referenced simply as 'the mind of the Church.' This publication is a long-overdue resource for apostolic teaching and practice that will bring a grounded and time-tested treasure of what C. S. Lewis would call 'mere Christianity' to those searching for guidance in a time of rapid cultural change."
--Chad Hatfield, president, St. Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary, Yonkers, New York

"This book is classic Guroian but now with the strong flavor of a highly experienced theologian looking back over a lifetime's work. The book proves the point that no one can read Guroian without learning a great deal about the philosophy of culture. His sharp analysis of modernity makes him stand out like a prophet of Orthodoxy. If you seek someone who forces you to think through your view of Christianity in the modern world, I highly recommend The Orthodox Reality."
--John A. McGuckin, Columbia University

"Since Guroian is an Orthodox theologian, the temptation is to say we are fortunate to have someone able to draw on the insights of that tradition for those of us in the Western tradition. But that would not do Guroian or this book justice because Guroian is a theologian of insight who should be read to understand not what an Orthodox theologian thinks but how and what Christians in these confusing times should think and live."
--Stanley Hauerwas, Duke Divinity School


Vigen Guroian, Author

Vigen Guroian (PhD, Drew University), now retired, previously served as professor of religious studies and Orthodox Christianity at the University of Virginia. He is the author of numerous books, including Incarnate Love: Essays in Orthodox Ethics and The Melody of Faith: Theology in an Orthodox Key.

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