The Prodigal's Welcome

Includes Bonus Story of My Beloved Waits by Peggy Darty



Rediscover this classic romance from bestselling author Kristin Billerbeck. Journey along with Nathaniel Pemberton, the prodigal son, as he returns home to post-war Mississippi to find everything he loved changed and his childhood sweetheart married. Where does Nathaniel belong? Can he find the forgiveness his heart longs for? Also includes a bonus historical romance, My Beloved Waits by Peggy Darty. Grace Cunningham is trying to keep the Alabama farm running after the war when a northern stranger brings a cryptic message from her dying father.


Kristin Billerbeck, Author

Billerbeck, Kristin: - Kristin Billerbeck is a bestselling, Christy-nominated author of over 45 novels. Her work has been featured in The New York Times and on "The Today Show." Kristin is a fourth-generation Californian and a proud mother of four. She lives in the Silicon Valley and enjoys good handbags, hiking, and reading.

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Peggy Darty, Author

Darty, Peggy: - PEGGY DARTY authored more than 30 novels before she passed away in 2011. She worked in film, researched for CBS, and taught in writing workshops around the country. She was a wife, mother, and grandmother who most recently made her home in Alabama.

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