The Promise of Provision

Living and Giving from God's Abundant Supply

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The Secret to Receiving God's Supernatural Abundance

Our God is a God of abundance. He is not poor, not stingy, not limited. Yet we often feel as if God's blessings have passed us over, and we find ourselves struggling to have enough.

The problem is, we don't know how to access God's provision. We lack the understanding of how to receive it and what to do with it when we do.

With wisdom and depth, respected Bible teacher Derek Prince shows you how to step into your inheritance. He also shows you

• how to break free from a poverty spirit,
• five principles for receiving God's abundance,
• practical steps and guidelines for creating a life of abundance,
• how you can bless others with His overflow,
• and more!

God wants to bestow His generous Kingdom blessings on you. Start living an abundant life today.

"God longs for you to have fruitfulness in every area of your life. God is a God of abundance. I pray that He will grant that revelation to you as you read."--Derek Prince


Derek Prince, Author

Derek Prince (1915-2003) is the author of more than 80 books and 600 audio and 110 video teachings, many of which have been translated and published in more than 100 languages ( He founded Derek Prince Ministries International, and his daily radio broadcast, Derek Prince Legacy Radio, still reaches listeners around the world. His concise way of explaining the Bible has helped millions build a foundation of faith.

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