The Size of the Soul

Principles of Revival and Spiritual Growth



""Any tiny work that God has ever done through me and through my ministry for Him dates back to that hour when I was filled with the Spirit. That is why I plead for the spiritual life of the Body of Christ and the eternal ministries of the Eternal Spirit through God's children His instruments." " A. W. Tozer

"The Size of the Soul "is a collection of editorials by A. W. Tozer, written while he was the editor of "Alliance Life. "Known throughout the world (his editorials were printed simultaneously in Great Britain), Tozer had a pithy writing style and a keen prophetic eye to the condition of the church. In this 12th book of editorials, Tozer covers topics like:

  • Steps to revival
  • The needed reformation
  • The Christian's hope
  • The causes of religious confusion
  • The need for prophetic insight


A. W. Tozer, Author

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