The Spirit Within

Getting to Know the Person and Purpose of the Holy Spirit

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Living and Loving from an Abundantly Joyful Heart

Do you wonder if your life could be more fulfilling? More peaceful, capable, joyful? Are you hungry for more?

Some Christians--even those who have been following Jesus for a long time--have a sense of "something missing." We feel that we should be more prayerful, more confident in our relationship with God. Here, in these biblically informative and inspirational pages, Vineyard pastors Rob King and Eric Ferris explore this quest of the heart and show how our deepest longings are fulfilled through ongoing, renewable, increasing awareness of the Holy Spirit within.

Here's your invitation to live a life filled with the Spirit, overflowing with love, making you more like Jesus every day.

"With clarity, deep insight and wit, King and Ferris help us take steps toward a faith that embraces the possibilities God has for us."
--Vincent Bacote, Ph.D., director, Center for Applied Christian Ethics, Wheaton College

"Written in an everyday, relatable style, The Spirit Within warmly and humorously guides readers to recognize, to engage and to depend on God's Spirit for abundant living and empowerment for Gospel mission."--Joel Willitts, Ph.D., professor of biblical and theological studies and practical theology, North Park University

Rob King
is senior pastor of Vineyard Cincinnati in Springdale, Ohio. Gifted in sharing the Gospel message, he encourages people to follow Christ passionately.

Eric Ferris is executive teaching pastor of Vineyard Cincinnati. With his straightforward approach to life and ministry, Eric has a gift for bringing clarity out of complexity.


Eric Ferris, Author

Eric Ferris has served at several influential churches, including five years with Rob at Vineyard Cincinnati. His 25-plus years of pastoral experience include executive-level leadership, twenty years of working with young people and more than ten years as a teaching pastor. Eric is known for his love for the local church, bringing clarity in complexity, and a straightforward approach to life and ministry. Eric and his wife, D'Ann, have four children--Michael, Courtney, Erin and Katie--and live in the Cincinnati, Ohio, area.

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Rob King, Author

Rob King is the senior pastor of Vineyard Cincinnati in Springdale, Ohio. He is focused on sharing the gospel message and encouraging people to follow Christ passionately. Rob began serving as senior pastor in 2013. He is a graduate of Illinois State University with a background in social work prior to entering full-time ministry in 1997.

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