This Child of Faith

Raising a Spiritual Child in a Secular World



Tain Gregory was present in his third grade classroom on the morning of December 14, 2012, the date of the Sandy Hook shootings.
Until a documentary film director asked Tain an important question, his mother had no idea how close to the surface Tain's faith existed for him.
As part of the healing process for the community after the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary, the film director asks, "What's the most important thing in the world to you?" He (and Tain's mother Sophfronia) expect a long list of the virtues of the latest video game or Pokemon trading card
Tain thinks for a moment then answers with one word. "God."
In This Child of Faith, Sophfronia and Tain share stories, experience and ideas to help parents get to the heart of the question: How do you help a child have faith--real faith, something he or she owns and not a regurgitation of something they've heard?
Tain Gregory appeared in the Sandy Hook documentary that became Midsummer in Newtown, from Participant, the company that produced the Oscar-winning Spotlight.


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