Traces of the Trinity

Signs of God in Creation and Human Experience

by Peter J. Leithart (Author)PETER LEITHART (Author)
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Traces of the Trinity in Everyday Life

Traces of the Trinity appear in myriad ways in everyday life, from our relations with the world and our relationships with others to sexuality, time, language, music, ethics, and logic. In this evocative book, Peter Leithart explores the pattern of mutual indwelling that characterizes the creation at every level. This small book with a big idea--the Trinity as the Christian theory of everything--changes the way we view and think about the world and places demands on the way we live together in community.

"Peter Leithart deftly discovers traces of the Trinity in the world we inhabit day to day, from dirty coffee cups to a lover's embrace. These reflections--each chapter an exquisite essay--prompt us to gaze at the divine presence we'd so easily neglect without his seasoned eye and unstilted pen. Occasionally whimsical, often lyrical, invariably insightful, this book isn't intended to be the final word on the Trinity, but it should be the first."
--Jack Levison, Southern Methodist University; author of Inspired, Fresh Air, and Forty Days with the Holy Spirit

"This is the most delightful book I have read in a long time. One of its delights is its clear, gracefully written prose, which easily engages the reader. The book presents a cogent case for a highly significant point: the whole created world images the divine Trinity. Leithart argues this thesis comprehensively, demonstrating that the divine perichoresis--the mutual indwelling of the three persons of the Trinity--is reflected in every area of human life, including perception, thought, language, sex, time, space, music, and imagination. Leithart's argument has the potential, therefore, to bring major change to our study of all these areas of reality, and thus to all the ways we live in the world."
--John M. Frame, Reformed Theological Seminary


Peter J. Leithart, Author

Peter J. Leithart (PhD, University of Cambridge), a former pastor, is president of Theopolis Institute in Birmingham, Alabama, and a teacher at Trinity Presbyterian Church. He is the author of numerous books, including The End of Protestantism?, Traces of the Trinity, 1 & 2 Kings in the Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible, and Athanasius in the Foundations of Theological Exegesis and Christian Spirituality series. He is also a contributing editor for Touchstone and a regular blogger at

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