When I Close My Eyes

A Novel

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Won't they find out about The Awful Year. . . ?

There is one story novelist Josephine Bourdillon shirked from writing. And now she may never have a chance. Trapped in her memories, she lies in a coma.

The man who put her there is just as paralyzed. Former soldier Henry Hughes failed to complete the kill. What's more: he failed to receive payment--funds that would ensure surgery for his young son.

As detectives investigate disturbing fan letters, a young but not-so-naïve Paige Bourdillon turns to her mother's tormented past for answers. How bad could remembering The Awful Year truly be compared to the one they're all living?

Set against the flaming hills of North Carolina and the peaceful shores of the Mediterranean Sea, When I Close My Eyes tells the story of two families struggling with dysfunction and finding that love is stronger than death.

"When I Close My Eyes is an enthralling story about family secrets, regret, and shame. . . . Thank you, Elizabeth, for writing an honest book that will be a comfort to the afflicted and to those who love and long for them."--Sharon Garlough Brown, Author of the Sensible Shoes series and Shades of Light

"Musser delivers a powerful story about mental illness and forgiveness, connecting the culprit and victim of a violent attack through their strong faith. . . . Musser's raw portrayal of life with mental illness and the strength of faith to overcome injury will appeal to readers who enjoyed Katie Ganshert's Life After."--Publishers Weekly starred review


Elizabeth Musser, Author

Elizabeth Musser, (www.elizabethmusser.com) an Atlanta native, lives and works with her husband in southern France. She is the author of 11 novels, including the critically acclaimed The Swan House and When I Close My Eyes.

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