When I Pray for You

by Matthew Turner (Author)Matthew Paul Turner (Author)


From the best-selling author of When God Made You and When God Made Light comes a beautifully affirming, deeply meaningful prayer from a parent to a loving God, asking for God's presence and comfort over the life of a child.

Something about seeing a beloved child come into the world, grow, and experience the wonder and pain of life drives adults to pray for the kids they love. Even people with no religious affiliation will pray for the well-being of a child. When I Pray for You celebrates the dreams, hopes, and longings we pray over our children, and shares with the little ones how much care, concern, and love a parent, family member, or friend feels for them.
From the moment I saw you,
I started to pray
Many big prayers and small ones,
I have sent God's way...

I prayed you felt safe,
Full of joy and content
That when I whispered "I love you,"
You knew what I meant


Matthew Turner, Author

Matthew Paul Turner, Author

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