Winning the Heart of Your Child

9 Keys to Building a Positive Lifelong Relationship with Your Kids

by MIKE BERRY (Author)
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"If you're looking to establish a lifelong connection with your kids, Mike Berry deserves your full attention."--Michael Hyatt, bestselling author of Your Best Year Ever and host of the Lead to Win podcast

Many of us enter parenthood with a perfect vision of what our family will be. But along the way we discover that the children we've been blessed with are real human beings with their own minds, ideals, and views of the world. Our influence only goes so far, and when those children reach the preteen and teenage years, it may seem to have disappeared completely. Yet at no time in your child's life is your positive, godly influence more critical.

If you're worried about your child pulling away, following poor role models, or making choices that will lead to pain and difficulty, Mike Berry has good news: it's not too late. He offers nine ways to help your child through these difficult years and develop a relationship with them that can weather any storm.

"A must-have for parents who truly want to connect with their kids."--Stephen Arterburn, bestselling author, counselor, pastor, and founder and host of New Life Live

"How I wish I would have had such a book as a young mom, but even as a mom of adult daughters and as a grandparent, I can still incorporate the life-transforming truths articulated here."--Sherrie Eldridge, author of 20 Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents Knew

"Drop the guilt and shame and step into smart parenting strategies that actually work, building relationships to last a lifetime."--Cherie Lowe, author of Your Money, Your Marriage and founder of

Mike Berry is the cofounder, along with his wife, Kristin, of the award-winning parenting blog Confessions of an Adoptive Parent and the virtual support site Oasis Community. A sought-after speaker, Berry lives in Indiana with his wife and their eight children.


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Mike Berry is the cofounder, along with his wife, Kristin, of the award-winning parenting blog Confessions of an Adoptive Parent and the support and resource site Oasis Community. He is a featured writer and influencer for Disney website, and his work has also been featured on Yahoo Parenting, The Good Men Project, The Huffington Post, RightNow Media, Michael Hyatt's Platform University, and A sought-after speaker, he travels across the U.S. extensively throughout the year to camps, retreats, and conferences. Before becoming a full-time author and speaker, he spent 17 years in family life ministry in churches in Ohio and Indiana. He lives in Indianapolis, Indiana, with his wife and their eight children.