You of Little Faith

How Bold Giving Leads to Great Blessing

Releases: October 15, 2019
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You may be surprised and uncomfortable to learn that there is one thing that's hurting your personal spiritual growth more than anything else: your unwillingness to give more than you're giving right now. On average, Americans give away just 3% of their income to churches and charitable causes. Perhaps you pull back because of fear that you won't have enough. Or you may feel resentful that you are asked to give at all. Either way, the result is the same and the one suffering most because of it is you.

In You of Little Faith, pastor Ryan Thomas isn't afraid to talk about the most taboo subject in the church--money. Drawing from a multitude of biblical passages and contemporary examples, he will convince you that giving aggressively and extravagantly, beyond what you ever thought reasonable or possible, will unlock God's blessing in your life and community and strengthen your faith in a way that nothing else can.


Ryan Holladay, Author

Ryan Thomas, Author

Ryan Thomas Holladay (writing as Ryan Thomas) grew up in California and was educated at Wheaton College (BA Philosophy), Union Theological Seminary (MA Theology), and NYU School of Law (JD). He then served as the lead pastor of Lower Manhattan Community Church in New York City for ten years. Currently, Ryan lives in Kigali, Rwanda, with his wife and four daughters.

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, Author

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Ryan Thomas Holladay, Author

Ryan Thomas Holladay is the senior pastor of Lower Manhattan Community Church in downtown New York City. When he began as pastor less than a decade ago, the offerings totaled about $150,000 a year. Now they are over $3 million, allowing the church to give extravagantly to other churches and nonprofits in their community. He has a BA in philosophy from Wheaton, a JD from NYU Law, and an MA in theology from Union Theological Seminary. He and his wife, Brittany, live across the street from NYC's City Hall with their four daughters under the age of ten.

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